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  1. Restaurant Agenda
    First Look at Cole’s Greenwich Village, Opening This Week in the Old LyonExpect an amped-up cocktail program and local-and-seasonal fare from Daniel Eardley.
  2. Closings
    Lyon May Be Closed for GoodThe two-year-old brasserie appears to be closed.
  3. Neighborhood Watch
    Girl Scouts Open Cookie Pop-up Shop in Flatiron; 21 Club Serves Mangalitsa LoinPlus: Lyon celebrates St. Patrick’s, Wall & Water offers monthly cooking classes, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  4. The Other Critics
    Sifton Enjoys Hunan Kitchen of Grand Sichuan; Cheshes Names MillesimePlus: Ed Levine impressed by the new Fedora, Gael Greene raves about Patricia’s, and more, in our weekly roundup of restaurant reviews.
  5. The Other Critics
    Sifton Roots for Lyon; Sietsema Impressed by LievitoPlus: Cheshes enjoys hand-pulled noodles at Hung Ry, and Sutton loves Kin Shop.
  6. Foodievents
    Anisette Celebrates Rhône-Alpes At Dinner This WeekAlain Giraud offers a menu from one of the world’s best gastronomic regions.
  7. Foodievents
    Watch Top Chef With Colicchio, Boulud, and Team BocuseDuring a viewing party. Or, apply to compete in the “Culinary Olympics” yourself.