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Nate n' Al Lands at LAX

The opening ushers in a preview of the L.A.-centric airport options coming next summer.

By Hadley Tomicki

Doctors Order Steak

The doctor prescribes Sammy's Roumanian and Old Homestead?

By Daniel Maurer

Ramsay Now an Expert on Lox and Bagels, Too

They say that if you abuse somebody enough, it means that you secretly love them. But in the case of Gordon Ramsay, the man’s insufferable ego, vituperation, bombast, and general skeeviness have somehow made him almost admirable to us. (We say nothing of his food, which neither we nor anyone we know has ever eaten.) But with his latest act of effrontery, Ramsay has gone beyond the beyonds. We now have to either destroy him or marry him, because last night the Surly Scotchman actually presumed, on national television, to teach Larry King how to schmear a bagel.