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Ato in Soho Is a Delicious Surprise

In this era of “peak ­omakase,” the cooking here feels like something you’d encounter down one of the more stylish culinary backstreets of Tokyo.

By Adam Platt

The Absolute Best Izakayas in New York

Spending an evening at one of the city’s izakayas — a.k.a. Japanese gastropubs — is one of the most transportive things you can do in this city.

By Hannah Goldfield

Tsujita Dreams Of Ramen Jiro

Rather than alleviate demand, L.A.'s favorite ramen restaurant imports a controversial style of Japanese noodles.

By Hadley Tomicki

Sushi Zo Due Downtown in June

Keizo Seki's celebrated strip mall omakase favorite is taking space in the Medallion development this summer.

By Hadley Tomicki