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Edible Design

It's a potato AND a typeface.

By Aileen Gallagher

Jean-Georges's $40,000 Light Makes You Look Like a Million Bucks

When Jean-Georges Vongerichten retooled his namesake restaurant, his lighting designer Herve Descottes wanted, in his words, “to bring a little bit of attention to the center of the room” — and boy did he! The Frenchman spent six months and over $40,000 working with Seattle firm Neidhart Lighting to create a steel fixture that looks like a shitake mushroom and is also “a little bit sensual.” Each lamp is trimmed with reflective gold leaf. Three 35-watt halogen bulbs are controlled by a computer, with different settings for lunch, early dinner, and post–8 p.m., when the light is softest because there’s no competing sunlight. Installing the arms wasn’t exactly a breeze: “They were dancing a little bit,” says Descottes. It looks like they still are — but then maybe that’s just the Mouton buzz.

Exclusive: Feast Your Eyes on Bar Boulud, Coming in November

Bar Boulud
Daniel Boulud’s burger bar is in the prelim stages — the lease was just signed, and it’s still without a name — but lucky for those who crave visual stimulation, his uptown wine bar and bistro Bar Boulud, opening in November at 1900 Broadway (at 64th Street), is a little further along. Thomas Schlesser has already designed the wine cellar’s barrel-vaulted ceiling and doughnut-shaped tasting table and is preparing to line the walls with vineyardlike gravel. And that’s just the start of it. We’ve acquired an exclusive PDF of Bar Boulud’s design scheme, featuring renderings of the main room, floor plans, even upholstery samples. We look forward to pocketing the glass holders. Bar Boulud Renderings [PDF] Earlier: Daniel Boulud's Downtown Burger Finally Signs the Lease

Packing Heat Inside the Letrina of Rancho Jubilee

Rancho Jubilee!
If you’ve been to Rancho Jubilee, the totally coco-loco Dominican restaurant in the wilds of Elmhurst that’s fashioned after an over-the-top beach hut (thatch roofing, cavelike plaster ceilings, stuffed turkeys and roosters, waiters in tropical shirts), it’s probably because you had five hours to kill before a flight out of La Guardia a few blocks away and you thought you might as well spend it drinking tequila from a coconut, and then a pineapple, and then a cantaloupe, and then a flaming volcano. Does it beat drinking at the airport bar? Oh, yes. And do the bathrooms beat the ones near Gate 14? Claro que si, papi!