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House Style: Miss Lily’s

An inside look at the restaurant Anna Wintour once opposed, which is now one of the city's most fashionable spots.

By Caroline Tell

Serge Becker Bites Back

The nightlife impresario finally goes on record about Anna Wintour's opposition to Miss Lily's.

By Daniel Maurer

Anna Wintour Opts Out of Sammy's Roumanian Conga Line

The Post ran a rather amusing item about Anna Wintour “schmaltzing it up” at Sammy’s Roumanian during a birthday party for Observer scribe Spencer Morgan. An attendee of the party tells us that, contrary to a Post spy’s assertion, Morgan’s friends were in full force at the party.
The keyboard player was on top of his game and dedicated a few Hebrew classics to Spencer. Spencer made a very sweet toast thanking Alexis for the party and his friends for flying in. Things really escalated after the fifth ice block of Ketel One when the keyboard player went into a round of 'Hava Nagila' and a bar-mitzvah-style dance line formed in the restaurant. I think Anna Wintour had left by that point.
Here’s hoping the Post also got it wrong that Anna Wintour didn’t take her fur off the whole night. Anyone have actual photos of her in a Sammy’s T-shirt? Birthday Surprise Minus Pals [Page Six]

Frankie Marshall of Wakiya Wouldn't Dare Replace Anna Wintour's Napkin

Frankie Marshall was a bartender (and a singer) for years before she became a server at Wakiya in the Gramercy Park Hotel. And what a place to serve! She waited on Adam Platt before he panned the restaurant in New York, and Frank Bruni, who hit it off with her and quoted her making a racy “tung” joke in his takedown of the restaurant. Now that the reviewers have moved on, she’s left to serve folks like Ron Wood of the Stones, who let her feel his cashmere sweater. “Jimmy Fallon kissed me [good-bye],” she says. “I was hoping for tongue, but he wouldn’t deliver.” Anna Wintour, on the other hand? Not quite as friendly.

Nello Pissed at Model for Taking His Umbrella; Winner of ‘Next Iron Chef’

Oh, Nello! Fiesty Mr. Balan is in his latest rage because he lent a model his $1,000 leather umbrella “because it was raining because I am a gentleman … Stop behaving like a boulevardier [street person] and a petite voleuse [petty thief]. You don’t give me the umbrella, I sue you,” which he is now doing because she returned it broken in two. [NYP] Related: A Model Breaks Nello's Heart, Umbrella The newest Iron Chef is … Cleveland’s Michael Symon. [Serious Eats] Laurent Tourondel tells Bruni he enjoys dining most in Vietnam, but the influence in the recipes for his Thanksgiving spread is all French. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

GoldBar Finally Emerges from the Vault

You might have heard a little bit about GoldBar lately. It's the hottest thing since Death & Co. two weeks ago and until Star Lounge goes into soft launch … this weekend. We were pretty confident the décor of this Cain offshoot would be gold, and the involvement of skulls seemed likely. But until last night’s opening to "friends and family,” all details were little more than informed speculation. Now, finally, the truth can be told.

Meet Pawpaw for Dinner Tonight at Savoy

There are some southern specialties all the world loves, as our guide to local gulf-shrimp dishes makes clear. But some of these regional foods rarely make it past the Mason-Dixon line. Tonight, New Yorkers get the chance to sample an obscure treat: pawpaw, a large, tasty fruit, used in a variety of dishes. Savoy is hosting the second annual Betsy Lydon Slow Food Ark USA Award dinner. (Appropriately enough, the name's a real mouthful.) Southern preparations like rabbit burgoo and Kentucky ham will complement pawpaw daiquiris and ice cream, as well as other recipes made with North America's native tropical fruits. (The dinner, which costs $150, including tax and tip, starts at 6:30 p.m.) In honor of the pawpaw, here's our list of five of the most delicious southern foods you'll find in New York.