Neil Patrick Harris Lunches at Landmarc; SJP Dines at Acme

Out and about.Photo: Raymond Hall/Getty Images

With Fashion Week behind them, celebs emerged into the perfect fall weather to enjoy meals out on the town. The cast of Orange Is the New Black partied at the Lodge, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade stepped out at Bounce Sporting Club, and Neil Patrick Harris lunched with Chuck Lorre. Read it all, straight ahead.

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White Truffles Are Back, Even Earlier Than Usual

A thing of beauty.Photo: Lever House/Twitter

For a certain breed of high-caliber restaurant, fall means white truffles, and white truffles, of course, mean money. So even though it's still technically summer for another few days, the first few shipments of this year's truffle crop have boarded jets and cleared customs all over the world, and Grub's sources in Northern Italy say Umbrian authorities are already busting truffle thieves ahead of the season's official start, which won't start for at least a few more days. This trend doesn't show any sign of slowing down, since restaurants that get shipments first can charge the truffle-craving masses even higher supplements while supplies are still scarce.

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Ben Lyons Tries to Eat Chinese Food Every Sunday Night

Lyons, at La Caridad 78.Photo: Melissa Hom

!+[sponsored-jack-daniels]Ben Lyons made a name for himself by covering entertainment news for MTV and E!, and now he's juggling several gigs: He's a correspondent on Extra, as well as the host of both an ESPN radio show and Yahoo's film-focused web series. And yet, this week, the ever-busy Lyons — who splits his time between New York and L.A. — also found time to stop at his favorite Cuban-Chinese restaurant on the Upper West Side, eat Mexican food several times, and feast at his favorite Chinese restaurant, Shanghai Grill. Read all about it, straight ahead.

" ... so I ate my feelings." »


Taco Bell’s Bánh Mì Offshoot Will Replace Its ‘Communist’ Logo

Still too early to know if the food's offensive.

For the past few days, Dallas's sizable Vietnamese-American community has made clear its distaste for Bánh Shop, the ambitious, bánh mì-centric fast-food prototype Yum! Brands opened up last week. Specifically, as numerous critics and at least one online petition made clear, the issue was with its red, five-pointed star logo, which invoked communist Vietnam's flag and color. Those who protested the logo said the company's choice was insensitive and "hurt and offended" the community, including refugees who had fled Vietnam in the 1970s.

"... we should have recognized this logo could be offensive ..." »

Scottish Bars Where You Can Watch Tonight’s Referendum Voting Results

You can eat at Highlands, too.

Today, millions of Scots headed to the polls to vote on independence from the U.K. — and the results will start rolling in at 5 p.m. ET. If you're an expat, news junkie, or a good old-fashioned sot, you might want to watch the historic vote unfold at a local Scottish bar. We've rounded up a quick list, straight ahead.

Beer, beer, beer. »

Blue Bottle Has Launched Its New Coffee-Delivery Service

Minimalist new packaging, another Blue Bottle hallmark.

Marking a big step in the $26 million expansion plans of Blue Bottle Coffee, the chain is launching a new mail-order subscription service called Blue Bottle at Home. The reason, according to a post on Blue Bottle's official site, is that the company is in the home stretch of acquiring the Tonx coffee delivery service, and this new move will expand the company's reach considerably. (Other roasters, such as Intelligentsia and Stumptownm offer similar services.) Tonx co-founder Nik Bauman, now Blue Bottle's "director of digital product," tells Fortune they'll really be "sweating the details" here, a very Blue Bottle–ish thing to do. New and existing subscribers can choose from subscriptions of single-origin beans, blends, or an espresso-specific subscription. (Sizes are also variable: — 6-, 12-, 24-, or 36 ounces are available.) And it all arrives in your mailbox, according to Fortune, within 24 hours of being roasted. [Blue Bottle Blog, Fortune, Earlier]

Why It’s Time to Start Eating Tibetan Yak Cheese

In New York, chef Eric Ripert serves grated yak cheese in a plate of truffled pasta.Photo: Courtesy of Aldo Sohm Wine Bar

Aldo Sohm Wine Bar, the predictably upscale offshoot of Manhattan's famed Le Bernardin, has been open all of two weeks, but already those who navigate the snack-oriented menu may be puzzled by the appearance of something described as Tibetan yak cheese. It's offered either grated in a plate of truffled pasta, or on its own for $10 an ounce. "Imported from the Tibetan Plateau, Yak cheese is considered a rare delicacy with great health benefit," the menu reads, in case you need a little more incentive to give it a try. The wine bar will actually help expose yak cheese to perhaps its biggest audience outside the Himalayas — just as soon as the first few wheels clear customs.

Yak-tales. »

Here’s a Restaurant That Rewards Customers Who Give It Bad Yelp Reviews

A real one-star cioppino.Photo: Botto Bistro/Facebook

Botto Bistro, a Bay Area Italian restaurant that gives zero fusilli about its standings on Yelp, has now turned to asking customers to trash them with one-star reviews, all in protest of the site's alleged ability to manipulate rankings. How this will look to Yelp users who aren't in on the joke isn't clear, exactly, but so far it's working: 83 of its 148 reviews now give the fewest stars on offer. The complaints stay pretty tongue in cheek, however: "My food arrived before I wanted it to come. It was too hot to eat. It brought back all kinds of terrible memories of eating in Italy," and "I can only give this place one star. To do otherwise would show them disrespect."

Very clever, guys. »

The Cotton-Candy Ice-Cream Cone Is Now a Reality

Hubba hubba.Photo: Courtesy of OddFellows

It's been two months since Sam Mason tweeted about a cotton-candy cone at OddFellows Ice Cream Co. Now it will finally hit the menu at the Williamsburg location. On Friday, the ice-cream shop will debut a new hybrid dessert: It consists of s'mores ice cream (smoky burnt-marshmallow base + graham cracker + chocolate + burnt marshmallows) in a chocolate-dipped sugar cone, covered with smoked cotton-candy.

And a gratuitous close-up shot. »

Horrific Animal Cruelty Exposed at Farm for Domino’s and Pizza Hut Cheese Provider

An activist working undercover on a New Mexico dairy that supplies mozzarella giant Leprino Foods videotaped workers assaulting and beating the cows. The New Mexico Livestock Board tells the AP they're investigating the incident at the farm, whose cheese is used by several national chains and food brands, "very aggressively."

"... a culture of cruelty and neglect ..." »

Check Out This Marvelous S’mores Espresso Drink

Yes, that is a smoked vanilla bean marshmallow.Photo: Brendon Glidden/Instagram

Here now, the S'mores Gibraltar, which is currently being served at the two Onyx Coffee Labs in Springdale and Fayetteville, Arkansas. It is, in short, something of a beautiful thing. As one might expect from its name, the drink has a foundation of espresso and steamed milk, and is topped with a handmade "smoked vanilla bean marshmallow" and graham cracker.

"...smoked vanilla bean marshmallow..." »

Why Tartine Breadmaster Chad Robertson Is Going Global

"Any place we open, it's because I have a baker who's worked with me for years and wants to go."Photo: Courtesy of Chad Robertson

Chad Robertson, the owner of San Francisco's Bar Tartine and Tartine Bakery, is among the most — if not the most — renowned bakers in the country. He's revolutionized the game by favoring ancient grains and naturally leavened bread (and also created a pastry that has its own cult following — the morning bun). Until recently, Robertson seemed content with keeping his business small in the Bay Area, but in the coming year, he'll expand in many directions: He's opening a bakery in Tokyo, developing a burger bun for Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi's new fast-food concept, releasing another book, and launching a second San Francisco outpost in the Heath Ceramics factory. Grub Street called him up to chat about his big plans.

"We're looking at London." »

Inside the World’s Most Mysterious Nutella Emporium

The shop currently houses about 150 kilos of of Italian Nutella.Photo: Liz Clayman

When the world learned last month that an independently owned Nutella shop called Nutelleria would soon open in Brooklyn, the news raised a number of unique questions: Who actually owns this place, anyway? How are LA and Miami locations already in the works? Why does Nutelleria's sloppily designed website feature a fully working game of "Snake"? And, most importantly, how do the owners plan to avoid getting sued by the company that makes Nutella? It was all very strange, so Grub Street reached out for answers. But now, after seeing the space and meeting the apparent owners, we have even more questions.

"I can't disclose further than that." »


A Bold Facebook Post Reminds Everyone How Horribly Female Bartenders Get Treated

Lucky Strike in Soho.Photo: Lauren Klain Carton

It might have been difficult to sum up the "incredible amounts of entitlement, condescension, and drunk nonsense" inflicted on Lucky Strike bartender Laura Ramadei throughout her five years on the job, but after a customer groped her before saying he would just take her "to go" this past weekend, Ramadei decided to give it a try in a lengthy Facebook post that's now been shared some 4,000 times. It probably should be shared at least 100,000 more.

"I’ve grabbed plenty of girls’ asses in my life ..." »

It Only Took America 80 Years to Turn Bloody Marys Into a Complete Joke

Next month will mark eight decades since Fernand Petiot made his first Red Snapper at Manhattan's King Cole Bar. The Snapper, of course, is just the bar's name for the cocktail that everyone else calls a Bloody Mary. And even if that's not the exact moment the drink was truly born — as with all things like this, the origins are somewhat disputed — it was nevertheless a seminal moment in the birth of the Bloody Mary. And it's still a truly great drink, when made correctly. The problem is that in the 80 years since Petiot first mixed his version of the drink, American bartenders have seemingly conspired to turn it into something truly outlandish and terrible.

Yes, that is a whole fried chicken. »

Tom Colicchio’s Next TV Show Will Be ‘Completely Different’ From Top Chef

Colicchio, last night.Photo: Jimi Celeste/PatrickMcMullan

Tom Colicchio has both a new restaurant (in the Beekman Hotel) and a new show (Best New Restaurant, on Bravo) in the works — a classic celeb chef twofer. When Grub bumped into Colicchio at last night's second-season premiere of PBS's Finding Your Roots at the MoMA's Titus Theaters, we took a few minutes of his time to talk about the new projects, how Best Restaurants will differ from Top Chef, and his current fascination with the history of New York dining.

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People Are Not Happy With the ‘Communist’ Logo at Taco Bell’s Bánh Mì Offshoot

Maybe they could just get the same one done up in green neon.Photo: Banh Shop/Facebook

Fast-food corporation Yum! Brands debuted its prototype bánh mì shop just a week ago in Dallas, so while it's way too soon to tell if it will revolutionize Vietnamese sandwiches, it's as good a time as ever to point out that its new logo is very problematic for Vietnamese Americans. Banh Shop's prominent use of an enormous, five-pointed red star is, for some, reminiscent of Vietnam's communist regime, so now the Taco Bell parent company is being called on to make some adjustments.

"My grandfather was a prisoner of war for 10 years ..." »

Dominique Ansel Will Open in Tokyo in 2015

"I can't wait to personally welcome everyone on opening day," the chef writes.Photo: Dominique Ansel/Instagram

A little bit more than a year after the space-time-continuum-disrupting arrival of Cronuts and some 200,000 expansion rumors later, the team from Soho's Dominique Ansel Bakery have revealed they'll open their first international store next year in Tokyo, at Omotesando Hills, a shopping complex. Ansel's partners for the pastry emporium are TSI Holdings, which is perhaps best known for its work with fashion brands, and Transit General, which creates retail spaces. "There will be something created just for Tokyo, and I will personally see every aspect of development," the chef writes on Instagram. We're guessing there will also be some doughnut-croissant hybrids, too.

"One good is better than one-hundred bad." »

Krispy Kreme Has Limited-Edition Ghostbusters-Themed Doughnuts

Sadly, these both have white cream filling.Photo: Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme's Ghostbusters tribute doughnuts are available from September 29 through October 31. There are neither Stay-Puft Marshmallow flavors, nor are they filled with anything resembling ectoplasm, so these really just feel more like a missed opportunity. We do get the slightest hint of Slimer on one doughnut, and the cheery visage of the Stay-Puft graces another, so at least that's pretty great.

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A Restaurant Somehow Thought an Adrian Peterson ‘Spank Your Server’ Promo Was a Good Idea

No one really "likes" this.

Sometimes an unwanted jersey bearing the number of an infamous NFL player gets you free pizza. At Mankato, Minnesota, restaurant Weggy's on Campus, sporting the jersey of Vikings running back Adrian Peterson — who's been accused of child abuse — apparently entitled customers to hit employees during the Vikings-Patriots face-off. "Today's Game Day Special," it posted on Facebook, "'Wear your AP jersey in and you get to SPANK your server!!' See ya SOOOOOOOOON!!"

The worst. »


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