Breakfast at Cafe el Presidente; The New Pornographers Collaborate With Intelligentsia

• A new tomato tasting menu from Geoffrey Zakarian at The Lambs Club launches on August 4. It costs $89 per person. [Grub Street]

Cafe el Presidente has started breakfast service, with tacos and Mexican granola. [Grub Street]

• The New Pornographers have collaborated with Intelligentsia Coffee on an exclusive, limited-edition coffee, "Brill Brew." It will be available starting August 20. [Grub Street]

Murray’s Cheese earned home two awards for their Cavemaster Reserve cheeses (Torus and Hudson Flower) at the American Cheese Society competition this week. Congrats! [Grub Street]

Ruth Reichl Has Some Problems With the FDA’s Stance on Antibiotics

These pigs are done with tetracyclines.

Today author and former Times food critic Ruth Reichl pens a strongly worded op-ed about her dismay over a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York 2-1 ruling last month, which essentially left the Food and Drug Administration with the ability to continue allowing the use of antibiotics in animal feed. Despite clear signs that the practice is bad for animals and increasingly lethal for people, drugs like tetracyclines are still doled out to pigs and cows that aren't sick, just because it makes them grow much faster and makes production entirely more profitable. The net effect of all that, Reichl writes, is just unhealthy.

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Navy’s Planned Expansion Has Its Soho Neighbors Up in Arms

It's about to get "party venue" up in here.

Matt Abramcyk and Akiva Elstein's Soho restaurant Navy only seats 40 diners at a clip, so neighbors say the "nightlife kind of place" vibe the restaurant allegedly projects will get even worse if it's allowed to expand next door as planned. Jerome Audureau, who owns Once Upon a Tart, says he's getting priced out and is sure Abramcyk and Elstein will "carry on the spirit of the bakery." The restaurateurs are seeking a liquor license for the café component of the space, which the SoHo Alliance opposes on grounds that it's "a Trojan horse to introduce a new party venue." Abramcyk, who withdrew the liquor license application from last month's CB2 meeting, reportedly assured locals he plans to "rehabilitate Navy," however, and at least one neighbor says the noise has died off in recent weeks. [The Villager via Eater]


Wine Label Pranksters Strike Again With Canned Soylent Green

"May contain people."Photo: id-iom/flickr

Not to be outdone by Rob Rhinehart's supra-nutritional slurry, someone's just gone ahead and flooded the market with its science-fiction namesake to see if there are any takers. Just as its actual shelf placement suggests, it seems that Soylent Green falls somewhere between canned corned beef and mackerel fillets packed in tomato sauce, popularity-wise.

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Red Sauce Pop-up Little Sal’s Will Replace Chat ’n Chew in Union Square

Coming soon: chicken parm.

The son of Chat 'n Chew owner Andrew Silverman says that eggplant parm over pasta will replace crispy macaroni and cheese in two weeks' time at the now-closed Union Square restaurant. "It’s going to be a Chat 'n Chew on steroids," Ethan Silverman says, describing Little Sal's, the pop-up that will open after renovations are complete. The family also owns City Crab nearby, and Little Sal's is meant to be "casual and family-friendly" along the same lines. Ethan Silverman tells DNAinfo that the red-sauce-fueled pop-up may become permanent "depending on how well it does." [DNAInfo, Related]

Grub Street’s Restaurant Power Rankings: Lumpia Shack, Bar Sardine, and More

Photo: iStockphoto

Each week, Grub Street surveys the entire restaurant landscape of New York, crunches the numbers, and comes up with this: a list of the most-talked-about, must-visit places in the city. They might be new, or they could be older places that have gotten a recent jolt of buzz. No matter what, these are the restaurants where you should make a point to eat sooner rather than later.

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Restaurant Offers 15 Percent Discount for Anyone Seen ‘Praying in Public’

That's not a real kind of discount.Photo: Z88.3, Orlando FL/Facebook

Mary's Gourmet Diner in Winston-Salem is most definitely going to have a surge of customers angling to get a few dimes off their $11 home-fry scrambles now that word is out it offers a hefty 15 percent off the check whenever its servers see a customer "praying in public." Echoing other random and impromptu discounts like the one for "well-behaved kids" — it's only a matter of time before some plucky café rewards a customer for not cutting their toenails at the table, or for reading Infinite Jest, let's hope — this one's gone viral, getting national attention after initially being posted on a Christian radio station's Facebook page.

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Brooks Headley’s Super-Popular Veggie Burger Pop-up Is Coming Around Again

Someone call Carly Simon.

On Sunday, August 10, from 5 to 10 p.m. in the backyard of the Cannibal, Del Posto pastry chef and all-around genius Brooks Headley will reprise his Superiority Burger pop-up, which attracted a very long line of veggie-burger-seekers when it debuted last month. The menu expands this time out with a vegan item called the Hippie Wrap, and Headley is having some fun with the fact that he's setting up his meat-free shop in a place that's known for serving whole roasted animal heads. "The cows and pigs will have their say," he writes in the announcement. [Instagram, Related]

Amy Poehler and Natasha Lyonne Dine at Sant Ambroeus; Scarlett Johansson Tries Cherry Izakaya

She also dined with Aubrey Plaza and Rosie O'Donnell.Photo: Steve Sands/GC Images

In this week's installment of Celebrity Settings, the stars fled the city for the Hamptons, as expected: Steven Spielberg had breakfast at Babette's, Julianne Moore ate with her family at the Hideaway, and Michael Strahan dined at the Chinese restaurant Red Stixs. In Sag Harbor, Paul McCartney showed off his dance moves at the yogurt joint BuddhaBerry. Read it all, straight ahead.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Has a Message for GMO-Haters

In this video discovered by Mother Jones, Cosmos host Neil deGrasse Tyson goes on a hand-gesture-filled two-minute rant against deniers of the benefits of genetically modified food. He's pretty sure these people don't know — "and they should" — that "practically every food you buy in a store," technically qualifies as "genetically modified," because, he explains, of what we've been doing for thousands of years through practices such as selective breeding. "There are no wild seedless watermelons. There's no wild cows," he says, then rails against the "complainer type" who'd probably prefer knobby, gnarly, sour apples to the Golden Delicious variety. Unfortunately deGrasse Tyson doesn't expound on unethical policies of GMO seed corporations or the nitty-gritty of pesticide resistance, stuff like that. Maybe next time?

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The Mud Truck Leaves Astor Place, Probably for Good

We'll miss you, old orange.Photo: Sarah Ross/Flickr

Yesterday was possibly the last for the Mud Truck, the four-wheeled, 14-year-old East Village institution known for its strong coffee. The Mud Truck is being displaced by Astor Place construction, at least temporarily, but an employee says that while it's technically just a summer hiatus and they hope to have a new permit by fall, the truck is apparently "on its last legs," futuristic new silver paint job notwithstanding, so permanent retirement is also a possibility. You can still get a cup of Mud at its brick-and-mortar location and at Mudpark on Houston. [Gothamist]

Jane Pratt Keeps Her Candy Drawer Full and Cooks Pancakes With Courtney Love

"I do like a good burger."Photo: Melissa Hom

"I'm a big believer that you go with your cravings," says Jane Pratt, the creator of xoJane, and the founding editor of Sassy and Jane. That explains the anything-goes approach she takes to her diet: She'll chase a Breslin lamb burger with Domino's pizza, get lobster delivered from Wolfgang's, and throw together duck-egg pancakes with xoJane contributor (and former Diet subject) Courtney Love, just to see how they turn out. To read all about this — and so much more — check out this week's Grub Street Diet.

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Maison Premiere’s Labor Day Party; Martha’s One-Year Anniversary

Maison Premiere will host a Labor Day party on September 1, with doors opening at noon for oysters, chilled seafood, cocktails, chef specials, and live music. It will be first come, first served, and reservations are also available for dinner service from 5 to 11 p.m., with cocktails until 2 a.m. [Grub Street]

Louro will host a Nashville-style hot chicken pop-up for one night only on August 11, with five seating times and some walk-ins accepted at the bar. The menu will include half or whole chicken in mild, hot, or extra hot and sides like deviled eggs, baked beans, and tomato salad. [Grub Street]

• On August 6, Martha will ring in its one-year anniversary with $1 Narragansett Tall Boys and $1 TSO chicken wings from 6 to 11 p.m. [Grub Street]

• Crafted Hospitality will host its second Sous Chef Supper on August 12 at 7 p.m. at Riverpark. The $95 per person, four-course menu includes dishes like pork loin with corn and okra succotash, cape gooseberry, and prosciutto crumble from Sous Chefs at Riverpark, Craftbar, Craft and Colicchio & Sons. [Grub Street]

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Watch a Bunch of Adorable Kids Freak Out Over Cow Tongue

You would think in this age of MasterChef Junior and kid chefs that more youngsters would be all about tapping into their inner Fergus Henderson, but the reactions to this giant slab of raw cow tongue presented on a platter would suggest otherwise. (The kid at the 57-second mark who says, "Now you get to look at it! Look at it!" while rotating the plate is definitely going to grow up to be a chef, though.) These kids shirk away from, then eat the mystery meat — "Needs a bit more salt" seems to be the most serious complaint. Straight ahead, watch one adorable kid hang his head in mock shame, then say, reluctantly, "That was so gross that I cannot even tell my mom."

"Eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww." »

Someone Invented Ice Cream That Changes Color When You Lick It

Periwinkle, pink, purple.Photo: IceXperience/Facebook

Physicist turned wacky chef Manuel Linares has blown the internet's socks off with a color-changing ice cream made from "entirely natural ingredients." The invention was apparently his thesis for a master's degree he just picked up in the field of "Creating Artisan Ice Cream," issued by a Barcelona trade group called Asociación Empresarial Nacional de Elaboradores Artesanos y Comerciantes de Helados y Horchatas, which we're guessing is like the Ivy League of horchatas and ice cream.

It took less than a week to put together. »

You’d Have to Swim for 7 Hours to Work Off Cheesecake Factory’s Most Unhealthy Dish

Heaping mounds of kcals.Photo: Cheesecake Factory/Twitter

This year's Center for Science in the Public Interest "Xtreme Eating Awards" names not one but three Cheesecake Factory dishes to its top nine list of the nation's most abominably calorie-laden chain menu items. The French Toast Napoleon's 2,900 calories are a solid 700 to 900 more than recommended for moderately active adults, and even a slice of the chocolate peanut-butter variety of the namesake cheesecake would require three and a half hours of aerobic exercise to eliminate. That's a lot of laps, but thrill-seekers can in fact do worse: An A.1. Peppercorn Burger, steak fries, and a Monster Salted Caramel Milkshake combo at Red Robin manages to amass 3,540 calories. [CSPI]

L.A.’s Ari Taymor to Host Dinner at Beach Plum Restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard

Ari Taymor.Photo: Melissa Hom

The Underground Gourmet’s favorite locavore kitchen on Martha’s Vineyard, Chris Fischer’s Beach Plum Restaurant, is hosting a series of intriguing dinners this summer. Unless you’re headed over on the ferry from Woods Hole right now, it’s too late to get to the Scribe Winery event tonight. But next up is hotshot Los Angeles chef Ari Taymor of Alma, who was a Food & Wine 2014 Best New Chef, and who will presumably forage the island like a bloodhound for good things to eat and will have the run of Fischer’s Beetlebung Farm for his $200 dinner on August 11. Call 508-645-9454 or visit the restaurant's website for reservations. [Related]

Tokyo Finally Has Its Very Own Final Fantasy Café

Date night!Photo: Courtesy of Game Watch Impress

Anyone in Tokyo who is sick and tired of Pikachuburgers can now enjoy this Moogle angel-food cake at their very own Final Fantasy–themed restaurant. Eorzea is a joint venture between Pasela Resorts and Square Enix, the company that makes the video game, and it's apparently modeled around a locale called Carline Canopy from the current game, Final Fantasy XIV (yes, that many). The décor is part Aetherial Bladed Lantern Shields, part floating Moogles, one of whom must've lent its likeness for the dessert. No word on what the Texas toast with a pat of butter on mixed greens is doing there, but the menu offers the RPG's die-hard fans a unique chance to non-virtually savor cioppino-esque fish soup in thematic blue broth while sipping potion bottles through a sword straw. [Game Watch Impress, Related]

Chinese Hamburger Chain Will Open Enormous NYC Location to Compete With Shake Shack

Seriously, poppy seeds?

There's a requisite amount of flame-broiled hype mixed up in all of this, but something called Uncle Sam Fast Food, a Beijing-based Chinese hamburger chain, will open its first U.S. location at 307 Fifth Avenue in NoMad by the end of this year. It's just a few blocks away from Smashburger and Shake Shack, which it will apparently destroy, along with McDonald's and any other fast-food fool that deigns to stand in its way. The master plan includes serving "the perfect Chinese-American — or American-Chinese — burger," says the real estate executive who represented the lease on the immense, 5,600-square-foot space, adding, "It’s meant to be competitive level with Shake Shack." Perhaps in anticipation of its all-but-ensured market domination, the company also filed a trademark for the name "Uncle Sam's Famous American Burger." [Real Deal]

Homestyle Union Square Restaurant Chat ’n Chew Served Its Final Pork Chop

End of the road?Photo: Therese-Heather Belen

Word on the street is that Chat n' Chew, which opened 20 years ago opposite Union Square Cafe sporting old barn siding on its dining-room walls and a menu of things like chicken-fried steak, has closed for good. Chat 'n Chew was for years the self-proclaimed opposite of the more prevalent industry's "turn and burn" mantra, a place that deployed its "small town beanery" vibe to great effect in getting customers to stay a while or opt for a slice of Coca-Cola cake. The café was directly across East 16th Street from Danny Meyer's first restaurant, which will also close at the end of 2015 in advance of relocation. [Jeremiah's Vanishing New York, Related]


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