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Someone Finally Invented Peeps-Flavored Beer

Bet it’ll be pretty “hoppy.”

In the world of Peeps, the gummy spring sugar bombs are best left on their own. That hasn’t stopped people from trying to make many Peeps-flavored things, but Grub still has to hand it to Dallas-area brewery the Collective Brewing Project, which has finally given the world an answer to the question: What would Peeps beer taste like?

Collective Brewing Project co-founder Ryan Deyo tells the Dallas Morning News that they hate that beer “has become this super serious thing.” So, Peeps beer — a collaboration with local bar Lone Star Taps & Caps — is part of their ongoing mission to “assert beer should be a fun thing.” Fun beer! Who doesn’t love that? The beer, called Peep This Collab, is a sour ale brewed with more than 30 boxes of Peeps, some vanilla, and butterfly-pea flower, which mixologists love because it’s a natural blossom that turns drinks a very unnatural purply blue.

If that weren’t enough, the brewers also added edible glitter once the beer was fermented “to really make it shine.” The taste is supposedly “marshmallow-y” and “lightly tart.”

The Collective Brewing Project is also the beer-making team behind Cup O’ Beer, a ramen-flavored gose that, for obvious reasons, went viral last summer. Deyo adds that this basically means “Peeps isn’t really a stretch.” The beer will be available in the Dallas area just around Easter, fittingly.

Someone Finally Invented Peeps-Flavored Beer