Pizza ATMs Will Soon Roll Out Across the Country

Actual demonstration of Pizza ATM. Photo: Courtesy of Paline

Is America ready for a pizza-vending-machine revolution? It better be. French company Paline debuted its self-serve Pizza ATM at Xavier University back in August, and since then the company says that businesses and colleges located in 20 states and Canada have inquired about getting their own. Now, after nearly four years of teasing, Paline will finally start shipping out more machines around the country and Canada, possibly as soon as this month. (For some reason, the company will require those who buy machines to visit Xavier’s Pizza Chef School for training.)

The 24-hour Pizza ATM works by storing pizza dough — fermented for two days, par-baked, and with eight different toppings — in a refrigerated section. Orders are placed by touchscreen, and when done the machine moves the pizza to a convection oven, cooks it, and then places it into a cardboard box, all in under three minutes. Hey: it’s probably no Joe’s, but it sure beats a bag of Popchips.