Jimmy John’s Fired Workers for Jumping Rope With Bread Dough


The owners of a Florida Jimmy John’s have had to ax several employees this week who engaged in a little impromptu jump-rope with the chain’s bread dough. It was like a throwback to grade-school recess, only this version appears to flagrantly violate health codes and happened in 2017, a year in which co-workers have smartphones with Snapchat.

There’s even that one show-off who busts out a crossover with the dough — which is surprisingly pliable!

WJTX says news of the stunt reached franchisees James and Rebecca Williams in a hurry, and they weren’t fans of this on-the-job leisure activity. “Our investigation confirmed the dough used in the video was immediately discarded after the incident,” they said in a statement, adding, “However we do not condone this behavior from our employees and appropriate action has been taken to prevent this from ever happening again.” Since Jimmy John’s can’t make employees sign those absurd non-compete agreements anymore, this sounds like Subway’s chance to get its rival’s super-stretchy dough recipe.