Suprema Provisions Is Essentially a Teeny-Tiny Eataly

The selection of Italian cured meats includes mortadella, prosciutto di Parma, porchetta, speck, and finocchiona.

It’s long been challenging for restaurants, as opposed to clothing stores, to survive on Bleecker Street, but perhaps because newly opened Suprema Provisions has a retail component, it’ll fare better than August, Manatus, and Café Angelique. One-third of Suprema Provisions is a gourmet market, with cookbooks, fancy kitchen tools, and imported Italian ingredients; another third is a salumeria, with cheese and cured meats available to go; and there’s also a wine bar, complete with Italian-leaning snacks that could very well constitute a full-on meal.

There’s talent behind this project: Entrepreneur Stephen Werther, who’s leading the charge on the Bourdain Market, has partnered with sommelier Joshua Wesson. Take a look:

Celery agrodolce toast with burrata, bottarga, and black pepper. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev
Spanish sardines with Parmesan, herbs, and balsamic glaze. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev
Beet salad with herbs, yogurt, roasted garlic, and ricotta salata. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev
Beef tartare with capers, Parmesan, and horseradish. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev
Pear toast with Gorgonzola dolce, charred radicchio, and prosciutto. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev
Uni egg. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev
Burrata with gremolata, mozzarella di bufala with tomato and guanciale, and stracciatella with olive oil and black pepper. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev
The home-goods section. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev
Books and provisions. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev
The bar. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev
More seating. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev
The Bleecker Street signage. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

Menu [PDF]

Suprema Provisions, 305 Bleecker St., 646.964.4994

Suprema Provisions Is a Teeny-Tiny Eataly