Potato Frybread Is Here to Dethrone Measly Toast

It costs $14.

At chef John Fraser’s newest restaurant, Nix, he focuses on vegetables, but that doesn’t mean he’s cooking spa food. Case in point: the Yukon potato frybread, a riff on the traditional deep-fried, doughnutlike breads sold on the street in Eastern Europe. Fraser’s version essentially combines all of the ingredients found in a great baked potato (which, oddly enough, is on-trend right now): He stuffs the bread with Yukon gold potatoes and tops it with sour cream, Cabot white cheddar, shaved scallions, mini broccoli florets, and radishes for crunch.

The rest of Nix’s menu includes dishes like steamed avocado with carrots and kale-pistachio chimichurri; cauliflower tempura and steamed buns; and wok-fried farro with Brussels sprouts, tofu, and a poached egg. There’s also a vegan menu available. Take a look:

Bartender Soraya Odishoo making the Oakland cocktail, which includes smoked red wine, bitters, and golden rum. Photo: Noah Fecks
Overnight clay-oven beets, leeks, cashews, and silken tofu: Beets are roasted overnight in the tandoor oven, served atop tofu, dill, and celery seeds, and drizzled in a reduction of beet juice. The accompaniments are roasted leek whites, toasted and chopped cashews, marinated beet greens, chive oil, and a leek ash made from the greens. Photo: Noah Fecks
Pastry chef Italivi Reboreda's tandoor-roasted pineapple with tamarind glaze, vegan whipped cream, and macadamia nuts. Photo: Noah Fecks
The space. Photo: Noah Fecks
Signage. Photo: Noah Fecks

Menu [PDF]
Vegan [PDF]
Cocktails [PDF]
Wine [PDF]
Dessert [PDF]

Nix, 72 University Place, 212-498-9393