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This Fried-Chicken Okonomiyaki Is the Kind of Fast Food America Needs

Theoretically what it looks like.
Theoretically what it looks like.

KFC Hong Kong last landed on Americans’ radar for fearlessly introducing pizza-“flavored” wings, which, it turned out, were immediately overshadowed by KFC Philippines’ pizza with chicken crust — so Hong Kong has gone for broke with its latest gonzo mash-up: the Okonomiyaki Crispy Chicken.

There is, of course, a twist. Instead of the savory pancake that traditionally forms the bottom of the classic Japanese dish, people who try KFC’s version will get pieces of fried chicken with some traditional toppings: mayo, bonito flakes, and a traditional sauce that’s kind of like ketchup. Playing around with the form is nothing new, but while most okonomiyaki revisionists keep their versions more or less flat — to give the toppings a place to rest — the Colonel throws the KFC toppings on top of the chicken itself, so it isn’t immediately clear how these toppings are supposed to stay attached. It doesn’t matter, though: This concoction still sounds a lot more interesting than the mash-ups that America’s fast-food-makers currently offer.

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KFC Unveils Okonomiyaki Fried Chicken