Atlanta Braves Unleash Ballpark Sandwich That’s Literally Glazed With Energy Drink


It will be hard to top the absurd items being offered at Turner Field this season. While stands in recent years have tried to elevate junk food with nachos "on a stick" and pizza-garnished Bloody Marys, the home of the Atlanta Braves will stay as lowest-common-denominator as possible this year. The most clearly outrageous food of the bunch is the so-called "Punisher," a sandwich topped with skewered bacon that uses Monster Energy for a barbecue glaze, so you’ll at least be cranked when the cardiac arrest begins:

Next, there’s a foot-long pretzel-bun chili dog covered in beer cheese, popcorn, fries, jalapeños, a Coke version of barbecue sauce, and tortilla chips:

Then there’s this thing, which needs no explanation beyond its name: the "burgerizza."

Two honorable mentions go out to a tater-tot waffle atrocity, and the world’s second-laziest concession after a bag of chips: a bag of chips dumped out so chili can be plopped on:

The Braves are supposed to have an abysmal 2016 season, so maybe this is an attempt to give fans a good distraction.