Pasquale Jones, From the Charlie Bird Team, Offers Coppa Pizza and Smoked Pheasant

Spicy coppa pizza with kale and caciocavallo. Photo: Paul Wagtouicz

With Charlie Bird, Ryan Hardy and Robert Bohr proved they know the hallmarks of a hit restaurant: simple yet elegant comfort food, outstanding wine, and a killer playlist. It seems that with Pasquale Jones, their second restaurant (now with partner and wine director Grant Reynolds), they're sticking to what they do best — but now focusing on pizza instead of pasta.

The 50-seat space boasts two wood-fired brick ovens, both handmade in Naples. One oven will be used to make what Hardy calls "neo-N.Y.-style" pizzas, and the other will host pork shoulders, dry-aged steaks, and shellfish. There are also three pastas on the menu: sunchoke tortelloni, spaghetti with Spanish anchovies and bergamot, and rigatoni with sausage, nettles, and smoked ricotta.

With the exception of the large-format dishes (pork shank, smoked pheasant, whole-roasted skate wing), the food is quite affordable — most of the dishes are priced in the teens, and it's a non-tipping restaurant. (The French- and Italian-focused wine list by Reynolds is promised to be "moderately priced," too.) Take a look:


Charred-cauliflower salad with blood orange, mint, and hot peppers.
Photo: Paul Wagtouicz


Pork shank for two with rosemary, fennel, lardo, and black pepper.
Photo: Paul Wagtouicz


A crusty close-up.
Photo: Paul Wagtouicz


Leroy Street Studio designed the space.
Photo: Paul Wagtouicz


Hardy at work in the open kitchen.
Photo: Paul Wagtouicz

Menu [PDF]

Pasquale Jones, 86 Kenmare St.