Chipotle Has Gone Too Far With Its Latest Food-Safety Move


Chipotle has officially entered the damned-if-it-doesn’t, damned-if-it-does phase of food safety. The burrito-eating public who first seemed horrified at the chain’s lousy safety protocols are now outraged that it would do such an absurd thing as remove lemons from the self-serve area. The move to a safer holding location, behind the counter, appears to have occurred in late December or early January (with some locations toying with individual containers), but the Street’s Brian Sozzi was one of the first to document that a sign had materialized in the space where the bin once sat:

"Don’t be sour," it says. "We still have lemons, they’re just behind the counter now. Please ask us if you need one." It’s hard to fathom this new policy crossing a line anybody drew, because the company just reported a $53 million loss for the year, meaning plenty of people have no clue it’s even happening at their local Chipotle. But for brave customers who were undeterred, removing the lemon wedges may be what broke some of them in the end: