Aretha Franklin Is Coming for Patti LaBelle’s Pie Empire

May the best pie win.
May the best pie win.

The "respect" joke writes itself here, but Aretha Franklin is apparently launching her own line of desserts and packaged foods to presumably get a piece of frenemy Patti LaBelle’s burgeoning boxed-pie empire. The internet was full of memes of Aretha scowling after LaBelle’s Walmart sweet-potato pies became the Tickle Me Elmo of Thanksgiving desserts, but Franklin stresses to Detroit’s Channel 4 that she’s obviously never tried one. She still throws a decent amount of shade, declaring: "Ms. Patti’s gonna have to move that pie to the side."

Franklin’s rival brand is still under development with a Phoenix-based food group, so this bake-off isn’t on just yet. Aside from a variety of desserts (just a guess, but probably high on that list: vanilla Bundt and caramel-buttercream cakes), Franklin says she plans to market "my gumbo," "my chili," and "my baked chicken and dressing," which "will be in a loaf pan, kind of like you’ve seen with Sara Lee cakes."

[Click on Detroit via CNN]