Taco Bell Is Rolling Out Croissant Tacos

Anything can be a taco if you just believe.
Anything can be a taco if you just believe. Photo: Taco Bell

Some enterprising soul at Taco Bell has finally found the classic French pastry in the quest to fold everything flat-ish into tacos. The chain’s currently testing a very basic egg-and-croissant taco in the Ohio area, likely in hopes of regaining a firmer footing in the suddenly competitive breakfast wars, and what’s funny is this one actually makes a lot of sense.

Waffle Tacos were weird, but that (plus being the face of the Bell’s first breakfast menu) was the selling point. Biscuit tacos were less weird, but as McDonald’s demonstrated when it lopsidedly divided the nation into “McMuffin Menu” and “Biscuit Menu” zones, America’s biscuit fans might be a minority. These Croissant Tacos could inoffensively get the job done by sticking to the basics — nothing more than egg, cheese, and sausage or ham.

The chain, though, has a history of being behind the trend curve, and everybody remembers what inevitably happened, circa 2014, when chain-restaurant croissants veered into Cronut territory.

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