Japan Gets Burgers That Use Tomatoes Instead of Buns

You say
You say "tomato," MOS Burger says "bun."

The Japanese will not be fazed by your black or red burger buns anymore, even if you conspicuously shove a deep-fried frog in between, so what’s a fast-food chain gotta do around Tokyo these days to get attention? It looks like MOS Burger’s answer was to put in a bulk order for giant tomatoes and wait.

The Tomami Burger, which just became available this week for about $7, is a limited-time offering at the chain’s Osaki location, and it has all the appearances of a Weight Watchers Double Down involving typical burger trappings sandwiched between not bread but two halves of a cold, freakishly large tomato. And yes, the meal includes a side of Caprese salad in a cup.

In the grand scheme of things in Japan’s odd, gimmicky food universe, though, the Tomami Burger scores points for novelty while staying on the less-insane, way-healthier side — and RocketNews24’s taste-testers gave the IRL version a thumbs-up, writing that despite a huge amount of sauce, “It left a clean feeling in the mouth and we actually felt healthy after eating it!”


Japan Gets Burgers That Use Tomatoes Instead of Buns