Korea’s New KFC Double Down Is Even More Horrifying Than the Original

There are at least three kinds of animals in there.

Continuing the kind of innovative work that few fast-food chains have the gall to attempt these days, KFC Korea has abandoned all rational ideas about nutrition and dared to dream with this thing, the Zinger Double Down King. It's got chicken, beef, and pork that have been fried, grilled, and griddled, respectively. What's more is that it's still bunless, of course, like its forebear, and there's some kind of special sauce involved. It's on sale now, allegedly only has 750 calories, and from the looks of some of the photos that have been circulating online, we can safely say it's in the running for the most unwieldy and completely monstrous fast-food item of all time.

In a rare variation of one of the greatest of fast-food traditions, these customers' photos of the actual Zinger Double Down look a lot crazier than its actual menu board photo.

This one even required a steak knife.

And, finally, continuing the theme of overdelivering, it seems that KFC Korea has a secondary version of the behemoth in its "zinger" arsenal, this one with bacon and cheese.

Oh, no.
Photo: KFC Korea

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