65 Percent of Waiters Admit They Make You Wait Longer for Food If You Annoy Them

He's just not that into you.
He's just not that into you. Photo: Shutterstock

This is probably one of those curiosity-killed-the-cat deals, but if you’re dying to know what waitstaff do behind those double-hinged doors whenever they suspect a customer in the dining room is a jerk, our friends over at Science of Us will enlighten you about a crazy new study. Basically, Baylor University and University of Houston researchers looked at “counterproductive work behavior,” which of course includes reprisals reported by some 438 food-service employees. And, well, it turns out it’s pretty rough business back there in the back-of-house.

In addition to making you wait, 78 percent of servers said they lied to customers, and 61 percent ignored them. A disturbing 6 percent said they’ve done stuff to your food, and with the feedback system between gratuity-seeking servers and needy customers as strong as ever, perhaps this finding should be considered the best argument yet for abolishing tipping altogether.

What Servers Do When You Piss Them Off [Science of Us]
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