Hong Kong McDonald’s Rolls Out a Mysterious ‘Batman’ Burger

There are Squeezy Cheesy Fries under that utility belt.
There are Squeezy Cheesy Fries under that utility belt. Photo: jc1593/imgur

It may not be the most thematically cohesive bit of fast-food merchandising, but maybe the Batman Double Diner Beef Burger is clearly the stunt hamburger Hong Kong needs now? Blissfully unconnected to either the TV show Gotham or the 2016 movie sequel, the Hong Kong McDonald’s burger arrives on the scene immediately following the end of a terrible food-supply scandal. Perhaps the fast-food chain realized the only way to trump Burger King Japan’s horrible-looking black cheeseburger was by bringing in the Dark Knight himself. In any case, very few things scream “vigilante justice” louder than Squeezy Cheesy Fries with a Sparkling Green Apple Tea on the side.

There's no black cheese on this hamburger.
There's no black cheese on this hamburger. Photo: McDonald's Hong Kong

Redditor jc1593, who has also been posting reports from the suddenly massive Occupy-style protests in Hong Kong, posted a photoset over the weekend of the Batman meal, which includes fries finished with some squiggly American cheese. The first of the chain’s Justice League series meals features a burger with two patties, a McMuffin-style fried egg, some onions, and sauce. It’s unclear what’s going to be on Superman’s or Wonder Woman’s burger, but we’re guessing Aquaman’s is going to involve fish.

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