The Seinfeld Restaurant Is Pretty Meh About Accommodating Customers in Wheelchairs

Tom's Restaurant.
Tom's Restaurant. Photo: Robert Caplin/Bloomberg News

A new lawsuit claims that Tom’s Restaurant doesn’t comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act, but management at the iconic Morningside Heights greasy spoon is seemingly unfazed, an unfortunate and a perfectly Seinfeld-worthy response. Carolyn Coleman, who is wheelchair-bound, says that the diner violates the ADA starting with “steps at the entrance” and in 41 other ways. “We no have access for handicapped,” manager Manuel Papas tells the Post, adding “it’s not a problem in the summertime,” he says, when Tom’s offers sidewalk seating. The restaurant, family-owned since the ‘40s, has apparently never felt the need to remodel to provide wheelchair access. Asked if the diner might reconsider, Pappas wasn’t sure. “Maybe. Someday,” he said. [NYP]