Subway Inn Is Fighting Its Imminent Eviction With a Crowdfunding Campaign

Since 1937.
Since 1937. Photo: Carmen Lopez

A number of high-end condos are expected to go up eventually on the site that includes the 77-year-old Subway Inn in midtown, but rather than to accept their previously announced closing date of August 15, the old dive bar’s proprietors have initiated an all-out campaign to stave off eviction. The Salinas family, its longtime operators, created an online petition asking everyone from Mayor de Blasio to Landmarks Preservation to intercede on their behalf, and otherwise now have an Indiegogo campaign to help offset legal fees for their case against real estate developer World-Wide Real Estate Group. Check out the video, which gives a sense of how cool the old bar was on the inside beyond its iconic exterior neon, straight ahead.

Save Subway Inn! [Indiegogo]
Midtown’s Most Beloved Dive Bar, Subway Inn, Is Fighting For Its Life
[Runnin’ Scared/Village Voice]
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