Can Someone Please Get Steven Spielberg a Cronut?

He's all about the laminated dough. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

A collision course of French technique and Indian tradition is central to the plot of The Hundred-Foot Journey, so we asked producer Steven Spielberg how he felt, exactly, about perpetually trending mash-up foods like ramen burgers and Cronuts last night at the film's premiere. We weren't all that surprised to learn Spielberg hadn't tried either, honestly, but then the filmmaker admitted he'd never heard of Cronuts. ("A what??" was his reaction.) Undaunted, Grub pressed on and asked if, given the circumstances, he'd sample one of Dominique Ansel's famed hybrid pastries. "I would be onboard to try anything," he said. "I eat everything!" Well, the flavor for August is yellow peach and black tea, Mr. Spielberg. It's your move, chef Ansel.