Corn Dogs and Peach Pie Concretes Return to Shake Shack This Weekend

The Summer of Shack draws to a close.
The Summer of Shack draws to a close. Photo: Shake Shack

Beginning on Friday and extending through Monday, Shake Shack is bringing back its annual, end-of-summer corn dog extravaganza. With the exception of the hamburger chain’s JFK outlets and ballpark concessions, all city Shacks will roll out the corn-battered Vienna beef hot dogs, on sticks of course, with Rick’s Picks sweet corn relish on the side. Meanwhile, save for its Dumbo and new Barclays-area Brooklyn locations, the restaurants will also serve peach pie concretes, which consist of frozen vanilla custard blended with a slice of pie. Finally, it’s your last weekend to buy a pint of Shack X, the Brooklyn Brewery IPA created to celebrate Shake Shack’s tenth anniversary. [Official site via Gothamist]