Russia Bans Nutella, Tabasco, French Cheeses, and Lots of Other Great Stuff

So much for all those coupons Petersburg residents have been saving. Photo: Fuse/Getty Images

Russia has expanded its war on evil foreign food beyond Filet-O-Fish and Kentucky bourbon to include pretty much everything else America and the EU produce. What's exempt would've seemingly been easier to list, but Russia did actually proudly tout the banned items this morning. Off limits for one year are all meat products (red, white, fresh, frozen, dried, salted — it really doesn't matter), seafood, all dairy and cheeses, nuts, and fruits and vegetables originating here and in the EU as well as in Canada, Australia, and Norway, other nations that foolishly thought they'd sanction Vladimir Putin and he'd let his people live to eat and tell about it.

Russia is the world's fifth largest food importer, so the toll will presumably be in the billions for farmers and food producers in the west, to say nothing of the empty shelves in Russia. It doesn't include alcohol or baby food, though, and helpfully, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has added the measures "are not in force" with products "Russian people are buying abroad in these countries." Guys, come and get as much Kraft you'd like. [Daily Intelligencer, Related]