This Beijing Restaurant Claims to Serve the World’s Spiciest Rice Noodles


The qi xing jiao, or seven-star pepper, is no Carolina Reaper, but at 200,000 Scoville units, the Chinese “king of chilies” can still be super unpleasant. Fu Niu Tang, a new noodle spot in Beijing that The Wall Street Journal uncovered, turns a bunch of them into the sauce for bowls of beef and noodles, creating what it claims is the world’s spiciest rice noodles.

Anyone able to finish a bowl in ten minutes is rewarded with a 10 percent discount for life. Of more than 300 who’ve tried, 15 have been successful, including this guy, Zhao Lu. Watch him slurp, wipe his brow, then power on through.

Watch: Is This the World’s Spiciest Bowl of Noodles? [WSJ]