Pabst Will Put Ballantine Pale Ale Back Into Production

Made with hop oil and American oaks.
Made with hop oil and American oaks. Photo: Pabst Brewing

“Have we reached peak PBR?” Outside asked earlier this month, and now Pabst Brewing’s latest move seems to suggest we have. The beer company is hoping it has the next great hipster brew on its hands with its revival of Ballantine India Pale Ale, a beer nobody’s really tasted for decades and for which no original recipe exists. Pabst master brewer Greg Deuhs says he relied on analytic reports, some of which date back 80-something years, to reverse-engineer the flavor profile, and he also went the (literal) oral-history route by working off “beer lovers’ remembrances.” The result is an ale made with eight kinds of hops, four malts, hop oil, and oak chips. Six-packs and large-format bottles return to store shelves next month. [USA Today]