Is This Really America’s ‘Most Depressing’ Starbucks?

Looks kind of open and airy to us, but where are the Norah Jones CDs? Photo: @todd__johnson/twitter

Coffee-drinking Los Angeles residents are flummoxed by a new Highland Park Starbucks that was built, it seems, in a style best described as Prison Lemonade Stand. One local filed a review on the indignity, explaining that she feels "discriminated against," and a trained professional calls the Starbucks "a tragic pastiche of design approaches" that practically calls for a mercy demolition. "If we want plastic tables cemented to concrete slab and outdoor restrooms, we would go to Dunkin' Donuts," another reviewer writes, while a lone voice of Yelp dissent gives the place five stars. "They nailed my drink and quickly," he writes, illuminating a bright spot in all this: At least everyone seems to be in agreement that the coffee is perfectly mediocre. [BI, Eastsider LA]