Mas (la grillade) Will Close and Reopen As a New, Grill-less Restaurant

No mas Mas?
No mas Mas? Photo: Melissa Hom

It certainly seems to be the season of the restaurant redo: Reps for Galen Zamarra send word that Mas (la grillade) will close and reopen with an entirely new concept this fall. The final day of service for the nearly three-year-old restaurant, where pretty much everything is cooked over coals or in embers, will be Saturday, August 16. Mas (farmhouse) will remain open in the interim while the Seventh Avenue South space will undergo a “complete renovation.” Zamarra’s reps say the wood-fired grills “created challenges with neighbors,” so they’ll no longer be central to the restaurant. The chef’s staff will continue on at the revamped space, which will serve an entirely new menu. [Related]