Pizza Pop-up Margot’s Will Open As a Full-Time Restaurant

The pizza student has become the pizza master.
The pizza student has become the pizza master.Photo: Courtesy of Margot's Pizza

Here’s some pretty exciting news that Adam Kuban prolific food writer and the brains and brawn behind the beloved Margot’s Pizza pop-up, won’t be heading west after all to spearhead the Portland outpost of Greenpoint fave Paulie Gee’s. Instead, he’s “actually staying in NYC to open a bar pie place.” Kuban clarifies to Eater that the brick-and-mortar Margot’s is in its earliest developmental stages and he’s not established a “definite timeline yet,” but he’s about to begin the hunt for a space. That’s reason enough for pie fanatics to start getting excited. [Ben Leventhal via Eater NY]