Is This the Strangest Ice-Cream Ad Ever?


Look: There's crack-pie ice cream, and there's cracked-out ice cream, which is an apt way to describe the motif of Philly shop Little Baby’s Ice Cream's new ad. It resurrects the same deranged post-apocalyptic ice cream truck soundtrack and intense narrator of its first video, which now has more than 7 million YouTube views, probably because there aren't many creepier things than a pop-eyed guy spooning vanilla out his own brainpan and then eating it. This one is shot from the point of view of a baby in a nursery crib, with a trio of admirers who've got gaping mouths instead of eyes. Now who's in the mood for some Butterscotch-Scotch?

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And ... that concludes today's installment of Nightmares You Probably Will Be Having Tonight. It's been fun! (We still think those generic ice-cream sandwiches that never melt are inherently scarier, for the record.)

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