A Food Network Star Winner Apparently Left a Trail of Crazy Obscenities Online

Stick a fork in him.
Stick a fork in him. Photo: Food Network

Lenny McNab, a chatty, well-groomed, and bescarfed cowboy who just won the tenth season of Food Network Star, allegedly had a colorful past on an internet message board, on which he made several obscenity-laden posts. He also made an extremely derogatory comment about Pioneer Woman host Ree Drummond and posted short videos of himself doing things like shotgunning beers and sitting on the toilet (but not at the same time). None of it is safe for work, and now that McNab is getting his own cooking show, it’s all been scrubbed from the forums and taken offline.

If true, needless to say, it’s foul, but progress in a way. In the olden days of the Food Network, we had to wait until Paula Deen made it to her 100th sticky bun to hear her swear, or for Sandra Lee to get through a dozen variations on semi-homemade Salisbury steak before she dropped F-bombs. We’d have to wade through several seasons of saturated fats to get to the rumor that Guy Fieri is allegedly an unabashed lover of poop jokes, but no more. It’s all upfront now. Hopefully, this guy’s kitchen is cleaner than his mouth.

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