Here’s Some Jägermeister-Sauced Poutine Served in an Old Bottle

It's a Canadian-German co-production.
It's a Canadian-German co-production. Photo: Bar Brutus/Instagram

The world already has Jägerbombs, and gut-bombs in the form of meat-laden poutine, so this Jägermeister Poutine seems like the next logical step. The over-the-top but still Paleo-friendly menu at the soon-to-exist Bar Brutus in Montreal includes bacon-wrapped sushi, a cheekily named “salade” made of several bacon strips and a single sprig of mache, the “very first 100% bacon sausage Hot Dog,” and lots of bacon-vodka cocktails, because the owner is in possession of Quebec’s entire supply. On the positive side of things, anyone who ingests the bacon poutine may benefit from the assortment of digestive-aiding botanicals in the Jägermeister sauce, but if not, there’s now a plumb opportunity for a late-night food truck in Montreal that serves zeppoles dusted with crushed up statins instead of powdered sugar. [First We Feast]