This Guy Will Spend the Afterlife in a Giant Jack Daniel’s Coffin

Casket-aged. Photo: Courtesy of Crazy Coffins

Anto Wickham, an Irish Army veteran of the Iraq War, started planning his funeral after eight fellow soldiers died. Now 48 and still thinking about ways to give death the middle finger, Wickham has figured out how to make sure his eventual funeral will be "completely different": For about $5,000, the local maker of crazy coffins, fittingly called Crazy Coffins, built him this ten-foot bottle of Jack, his favorite drink. The designer says it was "very complicated" because "there are so many curves in a Jack Daniels bottle and it is almost cut like a diamond," but adds it's fine because "there was no rush" on the craftsmanship. Wickham also plans a solar-powered iPad on the tombstone and wants a Guinness delivery van in lieu of a sad, boring hearse. He says his friends see the funny side of it, but "mum and my grandparents are not too impressed." Hey, at least the Costa Coffee coffin woman would approve. [Daily Mail UK, Related]