NYC Proposes Banning Toys From Unhealthy Fast-Food Kids’ Meals

Princess Leia bobbleheads be damned!
Princess Leia bobbleheads be damned! Photo: Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images

Several other NYC Councilmembers have said as much before him, and now Ben Kallos wants it known he thinks it’s ridiculous that “toys are being linked to meals” at fast-food chains, along with discounts and other incentives, especially in light of the city’s “very high obesity rate.” So tomorrow he’s introducing a bill to ban trinkets that accompany them all, or at least all the ones that come with meals exceeding 500 calories or 600 milligrams of sodium, which is most. Kallos also recommends that kids’ meals include half a cup of fruit or vegetables, or one serving of whole-grain products. So if this passes, expect a lot fewer cheap toys, and one more collective step toward the McQuinoa. [NYDN]