Golden Cadillac Will Reopen As Boilermaker Next Month

So long, Cadillac.
So long, Cadillac. Photo: Melissa Hom

Seventies-themed bar Golden Cadillac served its last Disco Daiquiri last month, and now partners James Tune, Don Lee, and Greg Boehm of Cocktail Kingdom have added bartender Erick Castro to the mix and will debut Boilermaker next month in the space. The retro cocktail list lovingly cribbed from Playboy’s Host and Bar Book has been overhauled with a selection of actual boilmakers, including one combining Old Grand-Dad bourbon and Brooklyn Lager and another that teams up Ramazzotti amaro and Victory Storm King Stout. There will be four cocktails on tap, including a Zombie made with three kinds of rum and classified as “cool & refreshing” on the menu. (There’s a two-per-person limit on that one.) Chef Miguel Trinidad will cook hamburgers modeled on specimens found at In-N-Out Burger and Corner Bistro, reps say. Boilermaker will open early next month. [Related]