On-Break EMTs Rescue Applebee’s Customers and Staff From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Scary stuff.
Scary stuff. Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Justin Gau and Kyle Page, two Long Island volunteer EMTs, had hardly even sat down to get some riblets at their local Applebee’s in Hauppauge before the carbon monoxide detector they were carrying “went crazy” with a reading that registered twice the safe limit. In slight disbelief, they reset it twice to make sure it wasn’t the kind of glitch that might “screw up everyone’s evening,” and it turned out that an errant hot water heater was filling the place up with odorless and lethal gas. Thanks to Gau and Page, the more than 100 customers and staff got out just fine. Six months ago, a defective water heater at a nearby Legal Seafoods leaked carbon monoxide, killing the restaurant’s general manager and sickening 27 others. [ABC 7]