This Whisky Cocktail Comes With Dry-Aged Steak for Dunking

Manchester, so much to answer for. Like meat cocktails. Photo: Courtesy of Macdonald Manchester Hotel & Spa

Over in Manchester, a chain called Macdonald Hotels recently relaunched an upscale beef chain called Scottish Steak Club. The signature item: the "Whisky Steak" (it's the drink in the photo on the right). It's Monkey Shoulder blended malt Scotch with pepper and rosemary syrup. Oh, and that hunk of beef draped over the rim is 21-day-aged Highland-style sirloin, which is served on the side for "soaking or dipping" in the drink. Scotch-soaked steak sounds weird, but so did the pickleback and that worked out well for everyone. [Spirits Business]