Server Claims NFL Player Stiffed Her on Tip During World Cup Game

"Boys don't tip!" But what does that even mean?
"Boys don't tip!" But what does that even mean? Photo: Darren Rovell/Twitter

Warren Sapp, an NFL Hall-of-Famer, allegedly kicked back with some $69.39 worth of extra-cold Heinekens, pizza, wings, and a Reuben yesterday at a Miami sports bar showing the USA-Belgium game. Who knows, maybe he suffered a neural misfire after the loss, maybe he tipped in cash and inexplicably still scrawled “Boys don’t tip!” (whatever that means) above the line, or maybe his penmanship sucks, but whatever the reason, he seemingly put a large, not-all-that-circular “0” on the tip line for his server, who shared the floridly autographed evidence with ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

Confusing matters more, Sapp this morning tweeted “I love reading from the blind,” which immediately prompted all sorts of derisive tweets, so at this point we’re just going to wait for the forensic handwriting analysis results and the 4,000-word Reddit conspiracy theory thread to come in before going any further on this one.

Darren Rovell/Twitter