Reminder: You Can Basically Get Everything on Veselka’s Menu and Spend Less Than $10 Tonight

Pancakes and applesauce, too.
Pancakes and applesauce, too. Photo: Melissa Hom

In just a few minutes from now, East Village institution Veselka will roll back all prices on its original, circa 1954 menu for 54 minutes exactly in honor of its 60th anniversary. This means $1.50 pierogies, 50-cent potato pancakes, 25-cent egg creams, and lots more — order everything and it’s $8.40, pre-tip. Management has already confirmed the restaurant will repeat the blintz blitz at least once more in the weeks ahead, but this inaugural celebration nonetheless promises to be something of a Polish food frenzy, or at least we thought — we’re told there’s no apparent queue outside the restaurant, as of now at least. “I’m pretty sure it’s going to be busy,” a worker answering the phone told us, “but you never know what’s going to happen.” [Related]