This Veggie Burger Is Made With 100 Percent Beef [Updated]


Crompton's Beef Farm in Dorset, England, has somehow achieved the impossible: "Made with the finest cuts of topside and sirloin from our own herd," the company says in a just-published newspaper ad, "Crompton's Veggie Burgers are the only vegetarian burgers on the market made with 100% REAL BEEF!"


It's "suitable for vegans" and "100% beef."Photo: Courtesy of Off the Reservation

Patties have "all the Goodness of beef and all the BEEF of beef," to boot. So, yes, we don't know they did it, but they did — these burgers are even "suitable for vegans."*

Update: It's fake.

How are they vegetarian? [Off the Reservation via Neatorama]

*Brooks Headley, you and your (actually vegetarian) veggie burgers are needed now more than ever.