Chinese Hamburger Chain Will Open Enormous NYC Location to Compete With Shake Shack

Seriously, poppy seeds?

There's a requisite amount of flame-broiled hype mixed up in all of this, but something called Uncle Sam Fast Food, a Beijing-based Chinese hamburger chain, will open its first U.S. location at 307 Fifth Avenue in NoMad by the end of this year. It's just a few blocks away from Smashburger and Shake Shack, which it will apparently destroy, along with McDonald's and any other fast-food fool that deigns to stand in its way. The master plan includes serving "the perfect Chinese-American — or American-Chinese — burger," says the real estate executive who represented the lease on the immense, 5,600-square-foot space, adding, "It’s meant to be competitive level with Shake Shack." Perhaps in anticipation of its all-but-ensured market domination, the company also filed a trademark for the name "Uncle Sam's Famous American Burger." [Real Deal]