The Top 5 New (Cheap) Sandwiches

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For this years edition of Cheap Eats, the Underground Gourmet ranked their top 101 spots for affordable meals in all five boroughs. Here, we highlight five of our favorite sandwiches from that list.

Lamb-Sausage Gyro:

Meat Hook Sandwich

Gyro-spiced lamb sausage on a Martins hot-dog bun. If it hasnt been assembled from a stump of mystery meat carved off a rotating vertical spit and packed into a pita, is it still a gyro? Who cares when its this delicious? 495 Lorimer St., nr. Grand St., Williamsburg; no phone yet

Fried-Chicken Bánh Mì:


Wangs subs a Runner & Stone semolina loaf for the traditional rice-flour baguette. Purists may not like it, but we doa lot. 671 Union St., nr. Fourth Ave., Park Slope; 718-636-6390

Porchetta Bánh Mì:


The only thing better than a fried-chicken bánh mì? The recently introduced porchetta rendition of the Vietnamese sandwich at Sara Jenkinss piggy parlor. 110 E. 7th St., nr. First Ave.; 212-777-2151

Tunisian Tuna Sandwich:

Breads Bakery

Like a supercharged pan bagnat: good canned tuna, potato, tomato, hard-cooked egg, olives, preserved lemon, and the clinchera healthy dose of harissa. And the bread, of course, is perfect. 18 E. 16th St., nr. Union Sq. W.; 212-633-2253

Tobiko Spread, Salmon, and Butter Lettuce on a Sesame-Seed Bagel:

Black Seed Bagels

Elmers glue would probably taste okay spread onto this old-fashioned bagel. Oddly enough, it might be the butter lettuce that makes the combo stand out. 170 Elizabeth St., nr. Kenmare St.; 212-730-1950

*This article appears in the June 30, 2014 issue of New York Magazine.