Tim Hortons Makes Plans to Serve Coffee-Flavored Beer and Nutella Turnovers

This counter could use a little pop.
This counter could use a little pop. Photo: Robert Wagenhoffer/Corbis

Would a pint of proprietary Original Blend–flavored porter and a poutine pretzel make Tim Hortons way cooler? The company thinks yes, or, well, possibly, at least if it adopts just some of the crazy ideas it debuted at this year’s Owner’s Expo in Toronto. Nutella turnovers, strawberry lager, unisex bathrooms, and a glass-walled back kitchen — the pinnacle of somewhat literal corporate transparency — round out the concept store’s concepts. Tims chief operating officer David Clanachan appears almost gleeful the brand is “really pushing the edge of the envelope,” which suggests that coffee beer isn’t going to actually make the cut, but adds that Tims’ digital menu boards seemed way forward-thinking seven years ago when they were rolled out at the same conference, and they’re now a fixture of the chain’s 4,500 stores. [Canadian Press]