TGI Fridays’ ‘Endless Appetizers’ Foists Nonstop Calorie Gauntlet on Customers

These potato skins will last ... FOREVER.
These potato skins will last ... FOREVER. Photo: TGIFridays/Twitter

TGI Fridays today launches a brazen summer-only promotion called Endless Appetizers. Pay $10, choose one appetizer, and brace yourself — because it “never stops coming.” The lineup includes items like “loaded” potato skins, spinach dip, boneless chicken wings, and other transmogrified versions of once-recognizable foods, and the real perk, it seems, is that guests who deign to share their fried cheese and vegetable things essentially have nothing to fear. “They will not be bawled out. There will be no policing or hand-slapping,” says Fridays’ chief marketing officer Brian Gies, the idea being that there comes a point in every restaurant customer’s meal when even the most ravenous guest has to admit they’re downed one too many pan-seared pot stickers. [USAT]