Taco Bell Employee Shoots Unruly Drive-Through Customer With BB Gun

Armed and sort of dangerous.
Armed and sort of dangerous. Photo: Springfield Police Department/Facebook

Late-night drive-through delays are the worst, but this one takes the gordita: Police say a man waiting at 4 a.m. at the Taco Bell in Springfield, Massachusetts, “became angry (cause he was hungry),” so he parked and started banging on the door to complain. Employee Steven Noska didn’t appreciate that, according to the detailed report that the Springfield PD posted on Facebook, and after some shoving, Noska stormed off to retrieve “a handgun (that turned out to be a BB pistol)” he apparently keeps in his vehicle, then fired a few BBs at the customer. Police arrested Noska and confiscated his bean shooter, but it sounds like the unnamed victim at least found a way to take the edge off his hunger: When arrested, Noska apparently “had bite marks on his arm caused by the victim during the fight over ‘no tacos or burritos.’” [WGGB]