Williamsburg’s Next Starbucks Will Serve Beer and Wine

Coming to 154 North 7th Street.
Coming to 154 North 7th Street. Photo: Ulrich Baumgarten/Getty Images

Back in March, Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz outlined plans to bring goat cheese flatbread and chardonnay to “thousands of stores” in the form of Starbucks Evenings, the coffee chain’s attempt to almost double its market value to $100 billion by proving its mettle in truffled macaroni and cheese and various other small plates. It looks like Williamsburg’s decidedly humdrum first Starbucks will soon be joined by another, at 154 North 7th Street, but that one will benefit from the added pizzazz of beer, wine, and most likely more savory food. The chain will appear next month at a community board meeting to explain its plans in full — the CB1 Brooklyn agenda confirms Starbucks by name —  which hopefully include parmesan chicken skewers, because Williamsburg doesn’t have enough of those. [DNAinfo, Related]