Here’s a New Brooklyn-Based Supper Club Having a Meal in a Giant Dumpster

Is it time to move to Canarsie yet?
Is it time to move to Canarsie yet? Photo: Salvage Supperclub via Pixable

Yes, something just like this grungy and swellegant scene played out the other night in Williamsburg, in which 20 lucky diners got to feast on day-old bread, bruised stone fruits, overripe bananas, and other goodies that would have otherwise been thrown away. Sure, proceeds went to a nonprofit, Pixable reports, but what’s going to happen, exactly, when the savvy, TED-addicted venture capitalists of North Brooklyn start snatching up all the 40-yard roll-offs from waste management companies in order to reconfigure them into a fleet of Dumpster-based, fast-casual trash-eateries? Where will all our old smashed-up drywall and demolition debris go then? At least drinking beer and cocktails inside Dumpsters isn’t legal … yet. [Pixable]