Here’s a New Brooklyn-Based Supper Club Having a Meal in a Giant Dumpster

Is it time to move to Canarsie yet? Photo: Courtesy of Salvage Supper Club

Yes, something just like this grungy and swellegant scene played out the other night in Williamsburg, in which 20 lucky diners got to feast on day-old bread, bruised stone fruits, overripe bananas, and other goodies that would have otherwise been thrown away. Sure, proceeds went to a nonprofit, Pixable reports, but what's going to happen, exactly, when the savvy, TED-addicted venture capitalists of North Brooklyn start snatching up all the 40-yard roll-offs from waste management companies in order to reconfigure them into a fleet of Dumpster-based, fast-casual trash-eateries? Where will all our old smashed-up drywall and demolition debris go then? At least drinking beer and cocktails inside Dumpsters isn't legal ... yet. [Pixable]